Free PS3 Controller Image For Game Developers

A few months ago, I needed to create an image of the PS3 game controller in Photoshop that I could use for Super Space Trooper’s control pad layout description in my game.  It turned out fairly well considering it only took about 90 minutes.  Visually, the L2 and R2 buttons can’t be seen but I’m sure they could be added on quickly if you need them.

Free PS3 Controller Diagram Image for Game Developers

I’m making this image freely available for any game developers that need to save some time on this.  Click on the image to download the full Photoshop PSD version which has the website address removed and all layers available.  The image size is 1296px by 781px.  Like I said, I’m making this freely available.  If you use it I’d appreciate credit to if possible.  Totally cool if you don’t though.

If you’re reading this because you happen to be using Unity 3D to develop a video game for PlayStation, you may be interested in my other post (sorry, coming soon) which provides a How-To and source code for Unity PS3 game controller mapping.

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  1. Clem says:

    i just want to say i like it and thanks.

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