Player Ship Size Problems

For a number of months now I’ve known that I will have to come back to the player controls.  Because I’m new to both Blender and Unity 3D, I build my 3d model meshes in Blender by a best-guess in regards to their scale and size.  This has been a bit of a mistake since bringing them into Unity has been a problem since so many of my models were of different sizes.  The player’s ship was one of my first models, and was scaled significantly smaller than most other models.

Player Scale - Super Space Trooper - Unity 3d Video Game Development

On the left, the new player scale. In the middle, the original scale

Today, I’ve decided to revisit that problem.  The scale needed to be bumped up four-fold in order for it to match everything else.  This posed a problem for the player controls as much of what I have done on it up to this point was hard-coded.  So I have now converted them to variables.  Mostly static variables that can be read across multiple scripts.  It was done so that unrelated scripts on other objects can simply call the static variable and use those details.

As it is right now, I’ve managed to get the game back to where it was before but now with a player ship that’s properly scaled.  In addition, I was also able to clean up some of the control speeds as the player goes left to right and up and down.

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