Super Space Trooper™ – Beginning

This is the first post of this ongoing blog, so I’m going to get it started by first talking a bit about myself, what I’m doing, and what I’m hoping to get out of it.

But first, if you’d rather check up on my latest progress, be sure to check out my Week in Review series, or just browse the categories.

About Myself

My name is Cassius Adams.  I’m 35 and live in Toronto, Canada.  Like most guys of my age, I grew up sitting in front of either a console or a computer playing countless hours of video games.  It started on the good old Atari 2600.  Good times.  It went from there to Nintendo, Game Boy, Super Nintendo.  I even owned a Virtual Boy for anyone that remembers those.  When I wasn’t playing games I was learning about computers, and first started programming in a form of BASIC on my Apple II computer.  I also owned and programmed on a Tandy TRS-80.  It was on my Apple II that I first tried my hand at developing a 3D racing game.  I spent about 2 weeks on it and didn’t get terribly far.  This is well before the day of 3D games, I was about 14 years old and simply didn’t have the math skills behind writing my own 3D game engine.  I still don’t!  On top of that, I had no hard drive, so I literally wrote my programs and games without turning off the computer for weeks at a time.  Power goes out, I lose it all.  Mother unplugs the computer because she heard on the news about a terrible computer virus, and since to her it’s all pretty much magic because she doesn’t understand it, and she doesn’t realize viruses don’t appear out of nowhere or come down the power lines to infect our house, or whatever she was thinking!  </end rant>

Starfox hit the Nintendo market.  It was, in my opinion, the first real 3D game and I was blown away by it at the time.  SFX chip wickedness.  My interests had shifted to doing 3D modeling and animation from about 15 years old on, and I still do it today.  As the years went on I more or less lost interest in the playing aspect of video games.  I would watch friends play, which I enjoy, but I felt like the “good old days” of gaming for me were gone.  Grand Theft Auto came around and I did enjoy playing that, but certainly not for the plots.  Simply rampaging is where I had my fun.  Oh, and racing games are cool.

Throughout the past decade and a half, I’ve always worked for computer and Internet companies, and right now I’m currently running a data center in Toronto.  The company, 7L Networks, was started by myself and two other friends 9 years ago.  Those two have since moved on but we’re still going strong.  I love my job, but it rarely gives me the chance to embrace my graphical and 3D animation desires.  It’s my first true passion, and I’ve done a number of contract jobs for businesses.  But that’s different than doing something for yourself.

So here I am now, writing, designing, modeling, animating, programming, and marketing my own game.  This blog is being started fairly late into the game (I began working on Super Space Trooper back in November 2011 and it’s now May 2012), but I figure that it’s better late to write about my experiences then never.  I’d like to have a record of the problems, successes, failures, and achievements I have or make along the way.  This blog is made for myself, but if anybody else feels like reading it, I’d be more than happy.

What I’m Hoping to Achieve

My goal is to develop my video game and have it made available on the Playstation Network.  The plan is to develop the game, in full, in less than 12 months, while keeping my data center business going, and without any outside assistance with the exception of the sounds and music, which I’m having my brother do for me.  I’ve currently been developing the game for 6 months and, surprisingly, I’m pretty much on schedule.

What I’m Hoping to Get Out of it

Ultimately, the learning experience.  It’s an ongoing challenge for me to do this and I feel like I’m using many, if not most, of the skills I’ve spent so much time working towards over the years.  These skills are also my passions, so this is more than something to keep me busy – it’s insanely fun for me to do.  While most games are made with the goal of profit in mind, that’s not my intention.  I look back at my favourite games and feel like there’s almost a void in current games today.  Maybe it’s just nostalgia for yester-year, maybe it isn’t and there’s other people out there that miss the old classic games that came shortly after Colecovision and Atari.  Even if there isn’t, this game is for me and my personal progress.  Having it on the Playstation Network would give me a great feeling of achievement.  If there’s money that comes my way, great… but I don’t expect there will be.

Signing off for now.

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