Unity 3D AudioListener Master Volume Control

While developing, I like to listen to music.  However it poses a problem as I test and retest my game, which of course has audio of it’s own.  Rather than muting the game all together, I figured I’d just turn it’s volume down.

Here’s a really quick script for controlling the master volume in Unity 3D’s AudioListener.  Adjust the value of the currentVolume variable between 0 (quiet) and 10 (loud).  This will occur on the Start function.  Move it into Update or LateUpdate if you want control over it after the scene load.

/* Written by Cassius Adams for the Super Space Trooper video game. http://www.SuperSpaceTrooper.com */
var currentVolume : float = 5; // Adjust between 0 and 10
function Start () {
	AudioListener.volume = currentVolume * 0.1;
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