Bonuses Framework Added to My Indie Video Game

Bonus Framework Is Now Implemented

With the first level of my indie video game now playable from beginning to end, I was finding that I couldn’t actually make it to the end of the level before using up all 3 lives.  It was time to implement the bonus system, one of the last few elements needing to be built before I can officially consider the first level to be complete.  Oh, and I should add that putting in the bonuses was pretty much the only way I can get to the end of the level. :)

I have been finding it difficult to work with the alpha channel and transparency shaders for the bonus object textures.  That is to say I’m having problems with textures that scale properly and still have a good looking, fading transparency to them.  I’m thinking of moving up to 32-bit images in Photoshop while working on these.

Admittedly, to this point I haven’t really spent that much time working on them in Photoshop.  Most of my time today has been spent working on the scripting aspects to govern the bonus actions, when they’re instantiated, and what they do.  Now that the framework is in place it’s just a matter of deciding what each different bonus type should look like and what they should give the player.

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