Disabling Forcefields on Power Regulator Destruction

I have been working on the interior of a Starship for the Soneria level of my independent video game I’m creating for the Playstation Network.  The interior of the starship will present a different type of challenge for the player than most of the other challenges throughout this level.

One of those challenges for the player is the evasion of forcefields by way of destroying their power regulators.  To do that I had to do a few things to make it work.


Obviously I needed to model the power regulators since I hadn’t done that yet.  They didn’t need to be very detailed so I managed to model and texture them in Blender and Photoshop within about 30 minutes.

Changes to Scripts

Since I’ve been trying to use as few scripts as possible for the different enemies and enemy objects, I added a small component into my enemy health and destruction scripts.  An added boolean operator dictates if the enemy object, in this case the forcefield (power regulators are its children), receives damage when the children are impacted or not.  For the forcefield, we don’t want the forcefield itself to lose energy until all the child power regulators have been destroyed.  At that point, then the forcefield becomes disabled.

At this point I have the models and logic mostly done.  I just need to animate the deactivation of the forcefield once the player has destroyed it, implement what happens to the player if they’re not able to take out the forcefield and instead smash into it, and a few other things.

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