First Level of My Indie Video Game is Now Playable

First Level Is Now Playable

Today was the first day that I’ve been able to play, from start of the level to the end, the first level of the Super Space Trooper video game I’m developing for the PlayStation Network.  Up to this point there wasn’t really enough programmed or built that would represent the level in it’s entirety.  It’s all there now.  Well, minus a few enemies, completed textures etc, but I mean the ability to get from the start of the level to the end.

At this point I’m not going to upload a video of the level because there hasn’t been enough in terms of visual changes since the last video release.  Adding another one now would be rather redundant.  But I promise to upload a new video as soon as it make sense to do so.

The Gameplay

Right now it’s still lacking somewhat in gameplay strictly due to the fact that the player controller/mechanics are incomplete.  I have rewritten them twice now but both times I’ve had a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea of how the controller will feel most natural and then interpreting that into sourcecode.  With the game controller essentially being an extension of a player’s body, this has to be done right or I may as well write off the game right now.

First Level Difficulty

It’s reasonable right now but before I implemented the bonus system, beating the first level was next to impossible.  Now, if the player gets to know the game a bit, plays their cards right, and remembers the enemies, they can breeze through the level destroying almost every enemy within sight!

The Length

The level itself generally runs around 3 minutes, plus the time it takes to defeat the boss at the end, which can be infinite.  With the right weapons I was able to take out the enemy boss in just over a minute.  So the first level is at least 6 minutes when you include intro animation, exit animation, boss introduction, and gameplay – assuming the player does not die at all.  That’s not bad and is actually a little longer than I initially planned for the first level.  For the others, I’d like to make them progressively longer and longer ultimately building up to as much as 15 minutes.

Graphics and Visuals

As any 3D artist will tell you, you’re never truly satisfied with the work you’ve done as there’s always room for improvement.  The same can be said about some of the components of the first level of Super Space Trooper.  There comes a point where you need to say to yourself “it’s good enough”.  Sure, it’s kind of just settling, but there are many other things that need to be focused on and I can always go back and update the textures or revise the mesh.  For the most part the graphics here are acceptable.  As few turned out better than I expected and a few others need….well… work. :)  The good thing about moving on and coming back is that you get to look at it with fresh eyes and pick up on things that went unnoticed originally.

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