First Super Space Trooper Video Test Released

I have just run through a test of one of the Bosses for the Super Space Trooper video game I am independently creating for the PlayStation Network and figured I would record and upload it to YouTube.

Many of the elements were removed for the test to be sure I wasn’t giving anything away, but I am getting close to finishing up the Boss and wanted to share it with you all.  Sorry for the poor picture quality and watermarks.

Please tell me what you think so far.


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3 comments on “First Super Space Trooper Video Test Released
  1. SuperSpaceTrooperVG says:

    Thank you for the feedback, Steve.

    Given that this is the first level, I didn’t want to make the boss to complex or impossible to beat for a new-comer. Your idea of missiles coming from the boss is definitely one I’ve considered for other levels and will absolutely be doing.

  2. Icemaz says:

    Otherwise, I really like how you have to be constantly moving to avoid the shots coming. It’s really involving and intense. Players will like that.

  3. Icemaz says:

    A good idea to add to this boss are missiles that slowly come towards the ship that you have to shoot out of the air before they hit you. A lot of bosses have stuff like that added so you are not just avoiding and shooting the boss, but shooting the missiles as well.

    Just like how you blow up the sides of it, that can be where the missiles come from so you can go for them first and they will no longer send missiles at you.

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