Fixes in First Level Colliders and Enemies

Fixes to First Level Colliders

I haven’t been able to work on my Super Space Troopers indie video game much these past 24 hours.  So really my progress today hasn’t been significant.  I was however able to fix a series of colliders on some of my first levels rock formation.  It seems that the player and the weapons were able to fly through things he shouldn’t be able to.

Enemy AI

There are two parts that I’ve added to the enemy’s AI.  The first part, I was finding that some of the enemies were also too easy to defeat, so I have added a bit of AI to them so that they will face the player upon certain conditions.  For now they’re just called by animation events, but they’re written so that they can also be called by other conditions.  For example if the player gets close enough or if they take a weapons hit from the player.

The second part is that enemies will anticipate the future location of the player and shoot at that location instead of at the player’s current location.  Since in Super Space Troopers the player is constantly moving forward in their space ship, there would be no point for the enemy to fire at the player’s current location because by the time the weapon arrived the player will have been long gone.

With these two updates, the difficulty level of the game has gone way up and is pretty much where I’d like it to be for the first level.

In case you’re interested in checking out the source code, you can find the player’s future position sourcecode here.

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