Soneria Starship Scene Video Released

This weekend I have been working on a starship in Blender 3D for the Super Space Trooper video game I’m coding for the PSN.  I’ve realized that I’ve spent a lot of time coding and not much recently on 3D modeling.


One of the things that I like about the Nintendo video game named Starfox was that you could fly your space craft into “mother ships” where a different style of challenge would happen.  So I’m taking a cue from that and made an oversized starship to do something similar.

The Process

The model itself took 2 hours (to the minute), so I am definitely starting to get quicker within Blender.  The UV mapping on the other hand takes me much longer.  So I did that on Friday night and Saturday.  I also tried a different work flow for producing the textures.  This time, I ignored the texture itself and just went straight into bump mapping.  Once that was done I easily layed a texture layer over the bump maps.  Save me a lot of time!

I have been having difficulties with Unity 3D’s shaders though.  Nothing seems to suite my needs quite right and I haven’t yet picked up a Pro copy – which maybe has better options (including shadows).  So for the first time ever, I figured out how to bake textures in Blender and applied them to the model in Unity.  Results aren’t perfect but they’re much better than what I was getting without them.

The Test Video Release

Here is what I have come up with.  It’s a very short clip of the player heading towards the starship.

Please do provide feedback or comments below as I would certainly appreciate it!

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3 comments on “Soneria Starship Scene Video Released
  1. SuperSpaceTrooperVG says:

    Thank you, Izitmeee. There’s still a fair amount of work to do but I’ve made progress on this since posting the video. Will upload more as milestones have been reached. :)

  2. Amanda says:

    nice article. i am a huge fan of your work and i’m always coming here to see what’s new. thanks.

  3. Izitmeee says:

    I like the space with that planet, and the Starship will probably look awesome once you add some glows/beams/rays :)

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