It’s Been a Slow Week – Summer is Here

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Here is my week in review for the development of my Super Space Trooper video game.  I’m feeling guilty because I’ve made so little progress in the last week it’s upsetting.  That said, here is what I did manage to work on.

The interior of the Sonerian Starship needed additional obstacles for the player to navigate, so I added in some additional walls and more force fields.  More are still necessary but first I need to make a decision on how many enemies will be flying/walking around in there.

I also noticed that some of the explosions that were happening for the force field power regulators weren’t positioned right, so I switched those explosion instantiation points to locations that look much better now.  I also did a fix to remove the light casted by the force field when the player destroys the force field.  Previously the light still existed which looked silly.

The most significant work that I did all this week (not that it’s actually all that significant) was to create a bunch of box colliders for the Soneria Starship’s interior.  I certainly didn’t want to use mesh colliders as those would be way more processor intensive than what I need.  From there I created explosions that would occur when the player’s weapon impacts the inside of the ship, so the environment feels more interactive.  Before, the player’s weapons would simply go through the floor, walls, etc and disappear out of view.  Now they disappear out of view but at least there is the illusion of impacting the starship’s interior with the instantiated explosions.

And that’s it.  Like I said, very little progress.  Feels like a wasted week.   But in my defense, summer is officially here now, it’s been 30+ Celsius all week here in Toronto, and we take summer when we can get it.

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