Lots of Updates Added Today

I added quite a few updates to my Super Space Trooper video game today.  Rather than going into to much detail, here’s a list of items for my reference.

– Made some fixes to the player’s missile as it wasn’t working correctly
– There were changes to the player’s missile collision detections
– Changed the Player’s missile so that the trail/particles emitted from it are a separate gameObject from the missile.  I did this because I noticed when the missile destroyed itself, the trail from the missile disappeared.  Now because it’s a separate gameObject it stays until the smoke naturally dissipates.
– I updated the player ship’s engine glow on accelleration and braking so that it makes more visual sense
– Added sound effects to the missile and it’s explosions
– Added script to sand driller’s drill bit to add gravity upon being hit by player’s missile.  Now when the player hits it with a missile, the drill bit gets smashed off the rest of the machine and falls to the ground.
– Added dust particles to sand driller’s drill.  There would definitely be dust spreading if a drill were drilling into the sand in a desert.
– Created script to disable the particle emissions when it gets impacted by player’s missile.  Since the drill would no longer be drilling if the player’s missile hit it, there’s no need to continue to produce dust.

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