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Tree-Based Turret Model and Ground Turret Weapon Scripting

Tree Turret I haven’t gotten all that much done on Super Space Trooper this weekend, though there has been a little progress.  Recently, I have written about the Leweria level that I am currently focusing on, and also posted a

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Keeping The Polycount Down for Faster Rendering

The Problem of Too Many Triangles These past few days I’ve been struggling a bit with which way to approach the forest within the Leweria level of Super Space Trooper, the indie game I’m developing.  The ‘problem’, if I can

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First Public Video Release of the Leweria Level

Last week in my week in review, I mentioned that I have been working on a new level of my Super Space Trooper video game.  The level, Leweria, has progressed quite a bit since then.  For those of you on

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Ground-Based Turret Blender Speed Modeling & Texturing

Now that I have made some decent progress on the Leweria level of Super Space Trooper, I need to get back to doing more modeling.  The first thing I decided to do was a ground-based turret that will shoot at

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Welcome to Leweria, Friend

Be sure to add yourself to my updates list for recent news and launch dates.  Here is my week in review for the development of my Super Space Trooper video game. Planet Leweria This week I began working on a

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