First Public Video Release of the Leweria Level

Last week in my week in review, I mentioned that I have been working on a new level of my Super Space Trooper video game.  The level, Leweria, has progressed quite a bit since then.  For those of you on my mailing list, you’ve likely already seen the private YouTube video of it.  Today I’m posting an updated video.

I’ve since added in a turret gun that I modeled (check out the speed modeling blog/video) and dropped into the game.  I’ve also added some water to the later parts of what I have so far of the level.  It looks fantastic if I do say so myself, so be sure to look for it in the video below.

There’s still no enemies, other than the unscripted turrets, but I’m still focusing on the design of the environment at this point.  Unfortunately I die twice in the video fairly early, but I do make it through in the 3rd attempt, so be sure to watch the whole video.

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3 comments on “First Public Video Release of the Leweria Level
  1. MrZombieKillerrz says:

    This looks really good!

  2. SuperSpaceTrooperVG says:

    Yup, I’m more than familiar with Star Fox and the weapon aim interface. It was actually a conscious decision on my part not to include this in the game… That said, I can see the benefit to new players, so perhaps I’ll give the player a choice of if they want it enabled or not.

  3. Icemaz says:

    One thing that helps with aiming in a game like this is either a reticule or multiple ones going in front of the ship to show you the path your shots will take.


    Sort of like that one. Most flying games have them just to help aim. Normally, if on a computer they follow the mouse but on console it’s different.

    Think of it as an extension of the ship, just floating out front to help with aim.

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