Welcome to Leweria, Friend

Be sure to add yourself to my updates list for recent news and launch dates.  Here is my week in review for the development of my Super Space Trooper video game.

Planet Leweria

This week I began working on a new level, titled Leweria.  For those that are Star Wars fans, you will definitely have the feeling you got during the speeder race in Return of the Jedi as you fly your ship through a dense alien forest.  At this point I have about 1/3 of the terrain modeled and textured, as well as about 1/4 of the level’s forest and bush.

The Leweria level will also force the use of the roll option for the player’s ship through obstacles within the level.  Players can of course use the roll before getting to the Leweria level, but to complete the level it will be required of the player to learn it.

Modeling of Turret

There was also progress made on the modeling of the enemy turrets which will be positioned in various locations with Leweria and other levels.  I decided to capture the modeling process so that I can release a speed modeling video soon (likely this coming weekend).

Leweria Bush Colliders

Within the Leweria level there is a series of bushes which the player can fly through or navigate around.  To me, logically, damage will be done to the player’s ship when flying through bushes.  However the degree of damage done would of course change depending on if they just flew through a few leaves along the bush’s edge as apposed to flying through the middle of it.  So I added a series of sphere colliders going from small in the middle and getting larger progressively towards the bush’s edges.  Each collider has its own damage level.  In addition, I added the sound effects of the bushes being grazed.  Sound files were from Audio Jungle.

Well, I’ve gotten a lot more done than just these three items but that’s all for now.

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