Buuru Boss Images and Video Released

Work Started on Buuru Level Boss

This week I started working on the boss for the Buuru level of my indie video game.  Even though the level itself is barely started, I already had an idea in my head of the what the level’s boss was going to look like and do.  Usually I leave the bosses to last.

As mentioned in a previous post, this level will focus on the destruction being caused by the enemy to the Buuru planet through their oil drilling operations.  In order to really show the destruction, the boss and other areas burn oil causing massive billows of dark soot and smoke, as shown in these three images and the video below.

Since these images were taken, the boss has gone through some model changes.  It was appearing fairly top-heavy and not all that intimidating.  The base area is now more “filled-in” and contains industrial-styled piping.  See the video below.

Buuru Boss Short Video Test

Now that I have the boss modeled and textured, it was time to put in some testing turret weapons and try the adaptive weapons it will use.  If the weapons appear to be going in random directions, rest assured that there is a reason.  They anticipate where the player would be based on its current trajectory and the time it would take for the weapon to impact that point.  So it’s the player’s motion in this video that is more or less directing the direction of the boss’ weapons.

Like what you see so far?  Hate it?  Let me know by posting a comment here or on my Super Space Trooper Youtube channel.  Posts made to the YouTube channel will automatically be propagated to this page’s comment section.

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3 comments on “Buuru Boss Images and Video Released
  1. SuperSpaceTrooperVG says:

    Thanks Raz Taz. The comparison to Starfox makes me happy, since I’m heavily basing this video game on those older classics like Starfox (one of my favourite games back in the day).

  2. Raz Taz says:

    Looks interesting fighting a castle/oilrig-with-wheels using a spaceship.
    reminds me of starfox

  3. Icemaz says:

    Looks sweet.

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