I’m Now Using SVN for Game Dev

What is SVN?

SVN, or revision control, is an application that allows you to create not only backups of your development and data, but also to be able to revert back to previous versions.  It’s also good when you have multiple people developing one project.

I Had No Backups!

This weekend, I figured it was about time to start using some revision controls.  I’ve had no backups up until now – something I should know better.  Having worked on Super Space Trooper for nearly a year now, and not running any RAID or performing any backups, it’s important for me to start doing it.  Last week, I accidentally overwrote a significant part of a level I have been working on and it took me nearly three days of solid work to get back to where I was before.  If I already had svn in place, this wouldn’t have been a problem.  But without any backups whatsoever, it had to be completely re-started, taking up precious time.

So now, any time I make any significant changes, or even just at the end of each day, I can simply commit all my work to my dedicated server via SVN and my server will have a copy of the current version and all historical versions as well.  So as long as I don’t experience a hard drive failure on my home desktop and, at the same time, have a drive problem on my server, I’ll always have a copy of Super Space Trooper’s working files.

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