New Oil Sands Level Added to Super Space Trooper

Planet Buuru; a New Level Starts Taking Form

First image of the Planet Buuru level of Super Space Trooper

Planet Buuru Level: The planet is being strip-mined by Dagstein’s industrial fleet. The dramatic damage caused by oil sands exploitation is the feature of the level.  Click for larger image.

I started working on a new level, Buuru, for my independent video game yesterday.  What initially started out as a section of the Leweria level has quickly taken on a life of its own.  As mentioned in a previous post, my girlfriend gave me the suggestion of adding in an oil drilling operation as the “big boss” within the forest level, making both an environmentally political statement and also something that fits with the look and feel of some of the existing enemies and bosses.

The Need for Unique Levels

Faced with the conundrum of not having enough unique material for the 11 or so levels of the game, and also the fact that both the forest area and oil sands area are looking great, I’ve decided to break them into two separate levels.  Leweria will continue to be a forest level, likely from beginning to end, and the work I’ve done today on the tar sands will be moved into a level of its own.  This way I win in four ways.

  1. I can still use my girlfriend’s suggestion for the oil-drilling boss
  2. The environmental message can still be promoted, only now within two levels instead of just one
  3. It means I’m able to continue to make unique levels without running out of settings and environments
  4. Since both Leweria and the Buuru oil sands level are looking fantastic, I can spread some of the better looking levels throughout the game.  Newer work almost always looks better than the older.
Super Space Trooper -Leweria Forest 2

The natural beauty of the Lewerian forest planet on display. Players will be reminded of the Star Wars speeder scene on Endor’s moon as the fly through the forest at high speed. Click for larger image.

This weeks, which I have taken off of work specifically to make faster progress on Super Space Trooper, has proven to be a fairly productive one so far.  While the list of goals I set out for myself were always optimistic, there’s been more done so far than I had initially expected.

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