Physics of the Buuru Boss

Problems With Physics

There has been some difficulties in getting the physics of the Buuru boss to function as it should in my indie video game.  The boss is made up of about five separate mesh “pieces”, two (well, technically four) of which are the “arms” of the Buuru boss.  They are static and without physics until the player has produced enough damage that the arm basically falls off.  That’s when the initial mesh is, invisibly, replaced with the physics versions of the arm.  The problem is, even though I have given them approximately 5,000 units of weight each, they still tend to float around much too easily and I am not sure what’s causing the problem.

The issue can be seen somewhat in this video around the 1:01 mark; it looks silly, and it’s often much worse.

I will post an updated video of it once I’ve figured out this problem.

While I’m here, I should also point out that this animation sequence is by no means final.  While is does represent the baseline sequence, it needs a lot of tinkering still.  But it’s good enough for me to use for the moment just to test out the flow of the boss.  It’s also a little difficult for the player as the boss has way too many weapons.  I had to give my player unlimited health just to run through the tests.

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One comment on “Physics of the Buuru Boss
  1. Icemaz says:

    Ya, it looks like they sort of just jump off instead of falling.

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