Preparing for a Week of Game Dev

I’m on Vacation

This next coming week, I have decided to take a much needed vacation from work and go to the beautiful ocean-side city of…. home.  No trip.  I plan to do some focused work on my Super Space Trooper video game over the next week.  So in preparation of that, and to be sure that I’m not wasting my time sitting around or just hacking stuff together, I’ve decided to prepare a to-do list of items that I would like to get done.

To Do List

Here are a few of the (very optimistic) things I’d like to complete over the next week.

  • Finish up my turrets for the Leweria level.  There’s some rotational scripting that’s driving me crazy
  • Begin at least one more level, even if only planning for it
  • Design, model and texture the Leweria boss
  • Design and possibly model another one or two bosses
  • Design and model another two enemies

Like I said, it’s a very optimistic list for the time frame, but I’m hoping I can get in at least 10 hours per day between the two weekends and the five days off.

As for the Leweria boss, my girlfriend has given me some ideas that may work.  I posed the question “within the Lewerian forest, what can the boss do/be that is about as destructive as can be” to which she suggested that it be ripping up and forest and digging for oil.  So I’ve done some research of on-land oil rigs and just need to a way to take the look of that and turn it into a single boss entity.

I will of course be posting my progress along the way.

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