Super Space Trooper’s Case Design Released (PlayStation 3 Network)

Having recently revised the player’s ship design for Super Space Trooper, I was able to finally work on the video game’s case design for my marketing materials.

I create all my 3D models within Blender, however I’ve only learned Blender for the development of this game, so I have never really learned how to do decent texturing or rendering within Blender itself.  Given the struggles of rendering an image that I’m happy with over the past week or so, it’s clear to me that some day I’ll need to spend more time learning how it’s done.  However a simple render that I can touch-up with Photoshop afterwards will suffice for now so that’s what I created.

Super Space Trooper - Video Game Case

Super Space Trooper – Video Game Case

The case has more going on than I care to write about at this time, but here’s a few details for future reference.

  • While the colour purple is considered to be the least-selling colour when it comes to marketing, I found that it compliments the blues well in this image.  Plus there’s a level that uses almost an identical back-drop as the case’s image, so there will be familiarity between the case and the game.
  • The case is definitely a throw-back to the Starfox Nintendo 64 game case.
  • The ‘Space Trooper’ text is reminiscent of video game cases of the 1990’s, which is what I’m going for.
  • The ‘Super’ font has been separated to give itself it’s own visual attention so that it, once again, feels like an homage to the video games of old.  The colours of the text are also retro and coincide with the protagonist’s ship colours.
  • The planet in the background is predominantly blue, giving a feeling of home – as in Earth, our home planet.
  • The hero is under fire and heading away from the planet, which suggests that we are under a threat and on the brink of being taken over, which is the premise of the video game.
  • The colour and prominence of the enemy weapons relay a feeling of urgency and importance.

There’s a lot more to it, but those are mostly subtleties of marketing that I’ve learned about over the years.

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