Tortoise SVN – Pristine Text Not Present Problem

This post may be specific to Unity3D when working with SVN.

Today, I was frustrated when I attempted to perform a commit to my SVN server as I was greeted with a rather nasty error message that said: svn: E155010: Pristine text ‘722f5d5a0382ed51f906f4dfd568d06d472dec8a’ not present.  After browsing the internet for the error, I didn’t have much luck in resolving the problem.  I did, however, manage to get the problem fixed.  Initially I had read posts online that said to create an empty text file with the name of the text not present with “.svn-base” as the file extension, which would go in the “Working File directory\.svn\pristine\72\” folder.  That didn’t seem to fix the problem for me.

The first step I went through was to find the files that had been updated in the most recent commit.  I then went into Unity and manually renamed each file.  I then went into TortoiseSVN and did a Clean Up.  This time it succeeded so I committed my Working Directory and all was well.  I then went back into Unity and renamed the files back, commited again, and voila – fixed.

I’m not sure if this same process will work outside of Unity, just through renaming the changed files directly.  But if you’re getting this error it’s certainly worth a try.

Know of another way to fix this error?  Please post a comment and tell me!

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