About Super Space Trooper

The premise…. typical: An evil enemy of humanity has started to destroy human colonies and won’t stop until we’re all gone! Your job is to defeat the enemy’s space fleet and return peace to the galaxy before it’s too late.

Ok I know, the story line isn’t very original.  It wasn’t actually meant to be because this game isn’t about the story and plot.  Your character doesn’t even have a name!  It’s about returning to the good old days of adrenaline pumping space alien shooter games of the late 1980’s, but with more modern graphics.  “Pew pew pew!”

“Super Space Trooper blends the adrenaline rush of 1980’s space alien games with 21st century graphics”

If you’re in your late twenties or anywhere in your thirties, you may remember the Super Nintendo game named Starfox.  I consider it to be the first true 3D game and the grandfather to almost all modern games.  I was both hooked to it and inspired by it.  As my foray into game development begins, I’ve decided to pay homage to both Starfox and it’s 2D 1980’s predecessors.

Super Space Trooper is a mindless seat-of-the-pants space shooter.  It’s you, and only you, against a seemingly infinite number of enemy fleets, most of whom are pretty much mindless themselves.  Some attack in patterns, others don’t.  Fly around with your repetitive weapons shooting at anything that moves and doesn’t move.  Take no chances.  Remember, that the fate of all humanity is on your shoulders; you don’t want to let us down, do you?

“Take no chances.  Remember that the fate of all humanity is on your shoulders; you don’t want to let us down, do you?

Super Space Troopers is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and numb your mind as you play.  So be sure to keep up to date on my progress and check back often.

Expected release date is late spring 2013.

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