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Work in Progress Series – Attacker Starship, Images and Video (2/24/2013) - New Enemy – Attacker Starship This weekend I managed to bang-out a new enemy starship model, UV map it, texture, bumpmap, light, and add special effects over just two days.  The Attacker Starship is likely going to be used as
New Enemy – Small Starship, Work in Progress Series (2/20/2013) - Over this past long weekend, I modeled and textured a new enemy for the independent video game, Super Space Trooper, that I’m making.  Here are a few work in progress image shots, along with some descriptions. Bare Bones 3D Model
New Enemy Fighter Space Ship (2/12/2013) - This past weekend, I started on another 3D enemy model for Super Space Trooper.  I’ve tentatively named it the ‘Heavy Fighter’ as it has a fair amount of bulk to its shape.  It also has more weapons than any other
Progress on ‘Heavy Fighter’ Enemy Space Ship (2/10/2013) - In my ongoing efforts to create a series of challenging enemy space ships for the player, I’ve started on another new enemy craft.  This post shows the progress made on the enemy ship so far. At this point, I went
Getting That Hazy Glow on Soneria (1/28/2013) - The level of my Super Space Trooper video game that is currently being worked on will consist of a long roadway with buildings surrounding on either side.  I spent a good three or four solid days working on the modeling
New Enemy “Interceptor” Just About Finished (1/4/2013) - Welcome, 2013. I haven’t gotten a lot completed on my independent video game this last week due to the Holiday Season.  However one component that I have been working on is a new enemy ship, named Interceptor. The Interceptor enemy
Engine Glow Added to the Player’s Ship (12/28/2012) - Having just redesigned the protagonist of Super Space Trooper, I also decided it was time to tackle the engine glow.  Previously it was just a flat mesh with a transparency shader which gave the illusion of a glowing engine.  Since
Super Space Trooper’s Case Design Released (PlayStation 3 Network) (12/23/2012) - Having recently revised the player’s ship design for Super Space Trooper, I was able to finally work on the video game’s case design for my marketing materials. I create all my 3D models within Blender, however I’ve only learned Blender
New Protagonist for Super Space Trooper (12/20/2012) - Throughout my time creating Super Space Trooper, I’ve had a few comments from various people that felt the protagonist of the game was lacking.  I also felt the same thing, and I’ve also been meaning to update the homepage of
Physics of the Buuru Boss (11/29/2012) - Problems With Physics There has been some difficulties in getting the physics of the Buuru boss to function as it should in my indie video game.  The boss is made up of about five separate mesh “pieces”, two (well, technically
Buuru Boss Images and Video Released (11/23/2012) - Work Started on Buuru Level Boss This week I started working on the boss for the Buuru level of my indie video game.  Even though the level itself is barely started, I already had an idea in my head of
Careful or You Might Burn Down the Forest (11/6/2012) - Let There be Light – By Fire! Today I spent about eight hours trying to perfect the fire I have been working on for my indie video game.  The fire is supposed to be shooting out of a pipe within
Screen Shots of Leweria Level With Enemies (11/3/2012) - Today, I’ve managed to fix up the tracking problem I was having with my ground based turrets for the Leweria level of the independent video game I’m working on.  In addition, I was able to import a few enemies from
First Public Video Release of the Leweria Level (10/22/2012) - Last week in my week in review, I mentioned that I have been working on a new level of my Super Space Trooper video game.  The level, Leweria, has progressed quite a bit since then.  For those of you on
Ground-Based Turret Blender Speed Modeling & Texturing (10/21/2012) - Now that I have made some decent progress on the Leweria level of Super Space Trooper, I need to get back to doing more modeling.  The first thing I decided to do was a ground-based turret that will shoot at
SST: ‘Desertia’ Level Video Released, Work In Progress (8/6/2012) - After much work on doing fixes to my Super Space Trooper video game, adding in sound effects, and tinkering with the character controller, I’m ready to release a video sample of the “Desertia” level.  I’ve released previous videos of it
Speed Modeling in Blender for My Video Game (7/19/2012) - This week I needed to create a new 3D model in Blender to use in the Super Space Troopers video game I’m independently developing for the PlayStation Network.  I figured I would try my hand at recording my progress so
Invasion of the Alien Battle Starship! Continued… (6/25/2012) - First, please be sure to add yourself to my updates list for recent news and launch dates. Here is my week in review for the development of my Super Space Trooper video game.  I’ve been very busy so this is
Poly-Reduction, Checkpoint Fixes, “The Back Door”, Enemies, and I Now Own Unity Pro (6/24/2012) - Like yesterday’s blog post, today will also mostly be about the progress I’ve made today on my independent video game. Reducing Mesh and Poly Count I decided to use a similar technique for the interior of the Soneria starship to
SFX, Modeled & Textured, Light Switch and Respawn Additions (6/23/2012) - This blog post is mostly for me to be able to review the progress I’ve made today on my indie video game, Super Space Trooper. SFX The weapon impact dispersion effect is now complete.  See my last post for the
Tutorial: Force Field Weapon Impact – Energy Dispersion (6/23/2012) - This is my first ever tutorial, and really it’s not as much a tutorial as it is me giving away an asset. My objective was to create an effect that would simulate the energy of a weapon being absorbed and
Animation of Forcefield Deactivation, Player Weapon Impacts on Forcefield, Player Impact (6/21/2012) - Further to my last post, Disabling Forcefields on Power Regulator Destruction, today I have mostly finished up the forcefields for the interiors of the starship in the Soneria level of the independent video game I’m writing. Player Weapon Impacts on
In-Game Starship Interior Screencap Released (6/19/2012) - About 6 months ago, I modeled and textured the interior of one of the starships for the independent video game I’m making for the PlayStation 3 Network.  Now that I’ve finally gotten as far as modeling the exterior of the
Invasion of the Alien Battle Starship! (6/18/2012) - First, please be sure to add yourself to my updates list for recent news and launch dates. Here is my week in review for the development of my Super Space Trooper video game. This week didn’t quite live up to
Soneria Starship Scene Video Released (6/17/2012) - This weekend I have been working on a starship in Blender 3D for the Super Space Trooper video game I’m coding for the PSN.  I’ve realized that I’ve spent a lot of time coding and not much recently on 3D
Super Space Trooper – 1st Level Test Video (6/9/2012) - I decided to do a test run of a part of the fist level of my Super Space Trooper video game that I’m independantly developing and with hopes of getting onto the PlayStation Network. I’m posting this to get some
First Super Space Trooper Video Test Released (6/1/2012) - I have just run through a test of one of the Bosses for the Super Space Trooper video game I am independently creating for the PlayStation Network and figured I would record and upload it to YouTube. Many of the
26 Progress Images of My Battle Tank 3D Model in Blender and Unity3D (5/31/2012) - Let me start off by saying that this post is not meant to be a tutorial in any way.  It’s simply to show the progress, over about a one-week span, of the process I went through to model the “Epic
First Public Screenshot Release of Super Space Trooper™ (5/18/2012) - On some very kind advice from a fellow named ‘recurv’ over on reddit, (see the reddit post), I have decided to put up my first publicly released screenshot of Super Space Trooper.  ‘recurv’ was kind enough to do an Ask

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